Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The following is a Chinese Herbal Remedy for Cysts. (Bartholin's Gland, Ovarian, Breast & even Cancer)

Successfully resolves within 3-6 days when used correctly Powdered herbs taken 5 grams (two spoonfulls) twice a day in a cup of water or juice. Prescription can be filled by a Chinese Accupunturist / Herbalist
This actually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need for pain killers or antibiotics.
 Finally a real remedy. A cure that works with your body's immune system rather than destroying all good and bad bacteria with antibiotics. Please use this versus the getting cut open or soaking for days until the painful cyst bursts. No need for harmful antibiotics when used correctly. The cyst will shrink and resolve from within. Keep the extra powder in the medicine cabinet for future use, best if taken as soon as you feel any symptoms. Can be used in conjunction with the method of activated charcoal bandages from our previous post.
Suggested 140 grams Per bottle .
contents below:

Sheng Di - Chinese Fox Glove Root - (10g) Nourishes the Yin
Gon Qi Zi - Chinese Wolf Berry  -  (8g) Major Diseases, circulation, muscles,blood,bone,good for the eyes
Dang Gui - Angelica Root - (14g) for skin disorders, reduces swelling, expels pus, unblocks bowels, regulates the menses & blood deficiency
Chuan Lian Zi - Pagoda Tree Fruit - (12g) (aka Neem Fruit/Chinaberry/Sophora Japonica) Kills Parasites, relieves the liver and gall bladder of stagnant Qi's & Stones, Urinary Stones, a prevented bladder, & small intestine.
Ban Xia - Pinellia Rhizone - (12g) harmonizes the stomach- reduces cold phlem
Chen Pi - Citrus Peel/ Aged Tangerine - (9g) used to treat dampness in the spleen/lungs/stomach, generates Qi flow also used for cough and asthma
Fu Ling - Poria Skin - (12g) Benefits metabolism, very calming to the heart, lungs, anti cancer, used for tumors, blood sugar, nerves and stomach.
Shan Zha - English Hawthorn Fruit - (12g) Reduces and moves stagnation outward, dissipates clumps in the blood, hypertension, diarreah, overeating.
Shen Qu - Medicated Leaven or Massa Fermentata - (12g) Reduces food stagnation and harmonizes the stomach, spleen, strength, opens appetite
Lai Fu Zi - Radish Seed/Turnip Seed - (12g) Used orally for peptic disorders, syskinesia of the bile ducts, fever, cold, loss of appetite, inflammation of the mouth, pharnynx, infections and cough.
Lian Qiao - Forsynthia Fruit - (12g) Used for over 4000 years considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Treats heart, nervous system, antiseptic, for boils, and acute infectious diseases, urinary tract, skin allergies, viral skin legions and herpes.
Bai Shao - White Dahlia Root - (15g) Anti biotic, Anti inflammatory, neutrilizes the carcenogenic affect of aflatoxins, removing blood stasis, lowers blood pressure, dialates coronary arteries, menstrual disfunction, yeast infection, vaginal & uterine bleeding.

If symptoms persist or you have signs of fever or flu your infection may already be very severe.

This prescription was recieved at Pacific College of Accupuncture in New York City and can be filled by any herbalogist trained in Chinese Medicine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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